Wednesday, November 11, 2015


One group which received a lot of note in coverage of the recent Iceland Airwaves is Gangly. I like their music a lot. There is one video available which isn’t as raunchy as the title suggests:

Here's a mini-review of their Airwaves performance from the omnipotent Edward Hancox:
Gangly are a sneaky bunch, but now this electro producing trio have now been unmasked to be Sindri from Sing Fang, Jófríður from Samaris/Pascal Pinon and Úlfur from Oyama. How could they go wrong? Turns out, they can’t. This is clever, scintillating stuff. All three provide vocals, but with the draw here being Jófríður. Úlfur makes good use of a vocoder, whilst Sindri provides the samples. It’s gentle, but insistent. The highlight is a smooth ‘Someone Else’ (as I’ll call it here) which sounds just wonderful. I note members of other Icelandic bands in the audience, who nod appreciatively but must be slightly worried as this is a clear contender for act of the festival.

I'm unfamiliar with Úlfur but I've run into Sindri before.  As to Jófríður, well,  anyone who has followed this blog in the last six years knows what I think about her.

Image: atiredmachine

UPDATE: Jo has been hard at work on a variety of projects.

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You're right! Not at all what the title suggests. Very pleasant.

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