Saturday, May 20, 2017


Wisconsin in the springtime.

What could be finer, even if the weather was a bit chilly and overcast?

Friday found me marooned in a chain hotel in suburban Madison. After an impulsive email to my favorite artist/shepherd/free spirit Shoshanah,  a window of opportunity opened when she invited me to visit her and her vet as they ministered to an ailing ewe:

The ewe in question had been feeling poorly and, as she was expecting, warranted a visit from the kindly and wise sheep-doctor:

He explained what he was looking for (“If you can see the lambs feet, you know that delivery will be soon.”) and what the exam would entail:

Shoshanah held the ornery ovine’s horns while the doc worked on the other end:

Nearby, another ewe (with her day old lamb) watched the examination impassively:

No lamb yet, just a respiratory infection. After being probed, prodded and poked, the ewe took a little breather before rejoining the herd:

After the vet had left, Shoshanah and I talked over coffee while I admired her horse of a different color:

Finally, no trip to Mount Horeb would be complete without a stop in at The Cat and Crow, where co-owner Melissa styled her fabulous new leggings:

Thanks for the wonderful afternoon, Jojiba!

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Shoshanah said...

Great portrait of Viola (our sick ewe).

She's feeling all better, today.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Good to hear it!

Blogger Jono said...

Lucky ewe! Hope you had fun with Shoshanah and the vet and the lady with the cool leggings. Looks like a fun weekend.

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