Monday, June 26, 2017

Little House on the Prairie

More from my scanning project. This one was shot at my grandparent’s house, summer of 1969. A “not-so-big house”, before they were fashionable. Three rooms down (one unheated), two rooms up (virtually unheated.) A little attic behind the paired windows. Outhouse in the barn. I had never printed this before—there was a flaw in the negative (easily fixed nowadays.) But there was more than just the house. Zooming in, I saw my grandmother, by the pump, talking to my father. My little sister was walking into the house. Another warm summer day, one of many spent there in my childhood, although my childhood would soon end as I was soon to move out on my own. My grandfather died soon after, and then my grandmother had to leave the little house; the world had changed. It was no longer safe to leave your house alone, burglaries were rampant in the countryside.

Little sis became quite a handful in her teen years, but that's another story.

By Professor Batty


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