Wednesday, October 11, 2017


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Continuing with my Icelandic-themed October, I watched the movie Bokeh last weekend.

It is a post-apocalyptic mumblecore film (set in Iceland) where a young couple, Jenai and Riley, suddenly find themselves on an island without people. This should be a good set-up for an Adam and Eve film, or even an extended Twilight Zone episode. Instead, it is an extended passion(less) play about a clueless child-man and a perpetually PMS-ing young woman who barely speak (and when they do it is in unintelligible monotones.) They wander around in what appears to be an Icelandic Tourism promotional video, usually dressed in t-shirts as if it was southern California. There are numerous “Huh?” moments that don't make any sense; things that couldn’t (or shouldn’t but don’t) happen. The brief cameo by notable Icelandic actor Arnar Jónsson perked my interest for a few minutes, but it too little, too late. While I didn’t think much of the film the deleted scenes were even worse—real howlers.

A tiresome film that I was relieved to see end.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jono said...

Thanks for saving me the trouble of watching it.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I try to avoid posting negative reviews, but this was especially bad.

Blogger Shoshanah Marohn said...

Thanks for saving two hours of my life!

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