Wednesday, June 06, 2018

1965 Vox Stroller

Another guitar fail.

I must have liked the color. Live and learn, I guess.

This one did come with a fiberboard case though—which even had a lock and key. I traded my Alamo Fiesta and too much cash for it, buying it new at Schmitt’s music in downtown Minneapolis. Schmitt’s was a traditional store: specializing in pianos, sheet music, band and orchestral instruments. The rock revolution sort of caught them off-guard, their guitars and amps were on the third floor, in small showroom, usually filled by pimply teen-aged boys (i.e., ME), who were a far cry from their usual clientele. The lack of a bridge that could be intonated and its non-adjustable neck made this even more dismal than the Alamo. And, it was manufactured by a cabinet-making factory in rural England! I did manage to play a few gigs with it, however:

I soon wised up and traded it in on a REAL GUITAR, a 1959 Les Paul Special.

A noodle-ly YouTube video that somehow suits this undistinguished guitar:

By Professor Batty


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