Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Shopping in 101

What good would a vacation be without a little shopping?

The window display on the right is not frippery, leggings of some sort are almost a necessity in blustery Reykjavík.

“We sell children’s tights as well,” says the sign.

Of course for warmth the world-famous Icelandic knitwear is the best, you can find it everywhere, just make sure that it is knitted by genuine Icelandic grannies (there are Chinese knock-offs!)

In the picture below my traveling companion is pointing the way:

For a truly civilized shopping experience, nothing beats 12 Tónar’s lounge where you can listen to CD's while sipping espresso on a couch underneath the portraits of all the Icelandic presidents:

Of course it is the cats of Reykjavík who know how to make shopping comfortable:

By Professor Batty


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