Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Del-Ray EV3T

Why? Why do I keep buying bad guitars?

This one was dreadful. The non-adjustable, clunky neck (was the adjusting rod broken?), the thin sounding and microphonic pickups, the awkwardness of playing, the cruddy controls, the non-adjustable bridge, the list goes on and on. I saved a few parts from it but most of it went into the trash can.

Once again, the need for a guitar to have a “waist” has been proven.

Even Drowning in Guitars was hard pressed to make a beautiful noise from this POS:

By Professor Batty


Blogger jono said...

At least it was cheap! I always thought the Phantom body was a cool look, but never tried to play one. That Del-Ray would probably just emphasize my lack of virtuosity.

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