Friday, March 08, 2019

Schitt’$ Creek

David (Dan Levy), Alexis (Annie Murphy), Moira (Catherine O'Hara), Johnny (Eugene Levy), Roland (Chris Elliot)

It is a rare day indeed when The Professor reviews a cable television sit-com.

Schitt’$ Creek is a worthy exception to the rule, this binge-worthy series is as close to perfection as could be imagined, especially considering its flimsy premise. The wealthy Rose family loses nearly everything when their manager absconds with the family’s assets, leaving them with only their clothes and the small town of Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny, the father, had purchased years earlier as a gag gift for his son David. Moira, Johnny’s wife and the mother to David and his self-centered sister Alexis, is a has-been soap-opera star with delusions of grandeur. They are greeted to the town by its mayor, Roland Schitt, grandson of the town’s founder. He puts them up in a run-down motel run by Stevie Budd (Emily Hampshire), a gothy thirty-something with a fatalistic sense of humor. As the series progresses the Rose family becomes enmeshed with the small town’s residents and their quirky foibles.

This seems like The Beverly Hillbillies in reverse but is actually a perceptive study of human relations. All of the characters interact with each other in meaningful ways, usually funny but not mean, there is always personal respect. Nothing is played for cheap laughs and there is just enough unpredictability to keep the viewer engaged. The whole cast is great; having Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara working together again is worth the price of admission. Daniel Levy is Eugene’s real-life son, giving their relationship another dimension. He is also the show-runner; his comic sensibility is what sets this show apart.

I picked up seasons one through three at the library, five seasons are available on POP (a cable network) and Netflix, season six is coming next year. Clocking in at a mere 22 minutes per episode they are great for binging.

UPDATE: A Google Search in the format: Schitts Creek S01E01 will give you access to most of the first four seasons episodes, just change the season and episode numbers as needed.

By Professor Batty


Blogger jono said...

O'Hara and Levy are enough to get me to watch without knowing anything else. It is on my list.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

It takes a few episodes to hit its stride, but there are great moments in it right from the beginning.

Blogger BobTheScientist said...

Dang, makes me wish we had television in Ireland. Funny true story: palomino ran a red light in Canada in the 1980s and was pulled over. By way of excuse he pointed to the central suspended traffic controls: "We don't have those in Ireland". The RCMP trooper gave an exasperated shrug and let him off with a lesson and a stern warning. Pal realised afterwards that the RCMP thought that no traffic-lights of any sort existed in Ireland [as in Uganda in 1882]

Blogger Professor Batty said...

You really believe Levy and O’Hara are a married couple in Schitt’$ Creek.
When they were cast as a couple in Christopher Guest’s A Mighty Wind they had a similar chemistry.

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