Friday, September 27, 2019

SRX 500 Bass

More of my son's junk, this was gifted to him after sitting in a dank basement for many years. These went for about $200 new, a pretty good value.

Labelled Soundgear by Ibanez, this bass from 2001 has “active/hybrid” pickups. I don’t know exactly what that entails other than it does have a battery and an active EQ. I’m not real keen on active electronics, if it was mine I’d change it to regular circuitry (the pickups are Hi-Z, it would just need to be rewired.)

I cleaned it up, getting rid of as much corrosion as I could (you can see it on the tuning keys.) It works well, in sort of a heavy metal way, it finally went back to my son (now if he'd only pick up his baseball cards!)

Here is a clip of the legendary Carol Kaye playing a SRX 500:

By Professor Batty


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