Friday, November 08, 2019

Iceland Airwaves… NO!

If any of you fortunate enough to be attending the 2019 Iceland Airwaves are weary of the music and need a change of pace, Auður of the I Heart Rekjavík website has the answer. Flyover Iceland is a new attraction in the harbour area, I’m sure you can’t miss it. Even if you aren’t in the mood for a fabulous VR trip through the Icelandic countryside, I recommend reading the article anyway. The first half of it is a rumination on the authenticity of the Iceland experience for tourists, Reykjavík in particular. Auður’s site is nominally a travel one but, with her personal touches, she gives her posts a greater depth than is usual in the genre.
UPDATE: This site was a victim of the Covid pandemic, links are broken.

Iceland Airwaves… YES!

Getting back to the Airwaves, here are some videos of JFDR, the most interesting 2019 Airwaves artist I’ve seen on line, first performing and then being interviewed:

By Professor Batty


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