Monday, August 03, 2020

Poppy Askham

Art Bicnick, Reykjavík Grapevine

It is becoming increasingly apparent that any visits I may make to Iceland in the foreseeable future will be virtual.

With the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic severely impacting Icelandic tourism there has been a dearth of new cultural content coming from the country compared to years previous. A most notable exception to this dismal trend are the videos from The Reykjavík Grapevine, a local tabloid/website aimed at the tourist trade. Since the crisis began editor-in-chief Valur Grettisson has upped his game with the dozens of videos produced with his staff at various locations in the city and countryside. Special mention must also be made for cameraman Art Bicnick, whose work approaches fine art at times.

Out of all of this activity the presenter who made the strongest impression on me is Poppy Askham, an expat journalist from Bath, England. Her innate charm and pleasant, unhurried delivery in these reports makes for a very naturalistic and engrossing experience. No slouch as a reporter, her video presence has been getting better with each new installment and she has even featured on BBC. Most of Poppy’s video work is on YouTube, where you can follow her development as she morphs from a shy intern into a legitimate media presence. You can also read her news reports on the Grapevine’s home page or at Muck Rack.

UPDATE: Alas, Poppy’s internship is over, but not without a final farewell and a post of  “one in the can.”

By Professor Batty


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