Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Babysitter to the Stars

Seth, Andrew, Jacob, 1980. Image: Tim Rummelhoff

When the boys were young I was chronically under-employed, thus I found myself doing a lot of childcare. There were a couple of boys in our group of friends that were about the same age as my first-born son so naturally they spent a lot of time together. One of my charges was named Jacob but by the time he started school (at age 6) he had changed it, without telling anybody beforehand, to Clint. Jacob/Clint was always an exuberant lad, rambunctious and full of high-jinx.

That was 40 years ago.

When Clint grew up he kicked around a bit and then moved to L.A. where he has had a successful career as a professional skateboarder. Here’s a good example of the life style he indulged in when he was active:

Despite some personal setbacks, Clint has a positive outlook on life and is also quite a charmer, as this interview hints at. He is also an accomplished artist and has even had some endorsement deals. But Clint’s most notable exploit to date is the commercial that he did for Stride Gum:

No stunt man—that was all Clint.

The child was the father of the man.

By Professor Batty


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