Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Nice Things

One of the by-products (buy-products?) of Covid-confinement for many is an increase in interest of all things domestic—if one can’t go out in the world, have the world come into your home.

When does culture become clutter? While I’m not impervious to the siren call of possessions (and I usually make a weekly trip to various second-hand shops), I do have my limits. The image above is not that of Flippist World Headquarters, albeit the room’s overstuffed nature has some kinky appeal, I prefer my dust collectors decor contributions more humble and elegant.

The Hopi vessel below is my most recent addition; while hardly museum grade, it was made and decorated by hand, some living entity brought it into existence. Its iconography suggests Jungian archetypes, a refugee from the dream-world made real…
And we can all use a little extra dream-time in our decor, amirite?

By Professor Batty


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