Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Venues in Iceland - #11

Gaukur á Stöng or, as it is commonly referred to: Gaukurinn, is a pub and live venue at Blöndalshús on Tryggvagata in downtown Reykjavík. The building housing it has had a variety of configurations, from the website I gather thatit is evidently now upstairs (where the short-lived Sódóma was) and Húrra occupies the main floor, where Gaukurinn used to be. It is positively ancient in Reykjavik bar terms; it has been open since 1983 (before beer was legalized in Iceland!) and is notable for its diverse crowds and is welcoming of all types people (except assholes!)

Gaukurinn holds a special place in my heart: My very first musical experience in Iceland took place there in March of 2000, when an anonymous cover band played Highway to Hell. In 2004 I saw the jazz/fusion band Mezzoforte (which was definitely a step up from AC/DC) and had many good times there at various Iceland Airwaves shows as well. Most nights there are DJs  but be sure to check out the schedule for live music at both Gaukurinn and Húrra if you are ever in Reykjavík.

Crowd, 2006:
Ditka, 2006:
Hellvar, 2006:
Gruska Babuska, 2018:

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