Monday, April 25, 2022

Saga Card Saga

Another travel-related post from the wandering professor:
After 18 years, my Icelandair Saga Points Card is useless.

I had gotten it with a credit card, my points on it would automatically accrue towards flights on Icelandair. The deal was OK, not the best return, but since that flight in 2004 I’ve never paid for another ticket to Iceland. I have just used up the remaining points when I recently booked a flight for next November. The card had a huge line of credit, but also had a bad habit of having spurious charges show up. They took care of those, but after the fifth such incident, my faith in its integrity was shattered.

This change of credit card provider also signifies a change in my outlook. I’m no longer thinking of going to Iceland every couple of years. My contacts there have all faded away; the things that we once had in common, mostly blogging and writing related, now seem like curious relics from a forgotten civilization. Usurped by FB and Twitter, Blogs are passé. I also retired and most of them they’ve changed jobs or lifestyles. New mothers, looking for a diversion from child care, are older now—their babies are all grown up. A two-year Covid hiatus on traveling hasn’t helped either. All of our lives are different.

This Iceland trip will probably be my last—there are other places in the world that I want to see, and other people to meet.

By Professor Batty


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