Friday, September 02, 2022

Fall Fête

Archipelago Books is an independent publisher located in Brooklyn, New York.

They specialize in books in translation; works they have deemed worthy of a wider readership. My connection to them is with the Icelandic author Halldór Laxness (the laughing man seen above) and buying those titles of his that they have released: The Great Weaver From Kashmir (2008), Wayward Heroes (2016), and Salka Valka (2022). They have been supportive of me as well, linking to my other blog: Laxness in Translation. Later in the month they will be having a “Fête”, a chance for like-minded individuals to meet over libations and canapés, and I have been invited! It would certainly be interesting and it would definitely take me out of my comfort zone. Translator Philip Roughton will probably be there—meeting him for a translation nerd like myself would be like meeting Bob Dylan!

I am really in debt to Archipelago; they have been exemplary in their efforts to raise the level of Literature with high-quality yet affordable editions. This fête would be quite a trip to arrange on such short notice, however, as well as being breathtakingly expensive for three hours of canapes and libations.

YOLO, I guess?

By Professor Batty


Blogger Mary said...

I think there are a few other things to do in NYC so perhaps you could stay longer and reduce the cost per hour of the trip?

Blogger Professor Batty said...

It was only a pipe-dream but I did look into flights and lodging, however, and it was breath-taking. Easily double the cost of our trip to Carmel, and that's with no car rental.

No shortage of things to do in N.Y.C., of course!

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