Friday, October 07, 2022

Flu Shot Saga

I’m afraid to get a flu shot.

I’m not a member of this “cool” club.

Most days I sit at home and plan how I’ll think ahead and don’t look back.

This plan doesn’t have a step called “get a flu shot.”

That’s why people that get a flu shot so easily just scare me.

My lack of knowledge makes me feel unwelcome and out of my depth.

Or maybe it’s just me?

Who got a flu shot today?


For you, it’s probably just the usual weekday, but my entire career just took a turn.

From this moment forward, I’ll get a flu shot every day for the rest of my life. It’s my commitment to you, my beloved fans.

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HR – “There’s a 2 years gap in your CV”
Me – “Yes sir I was in jail”

HR – “Why?”
Me - “I got really badly”

HR - “Please elaborate… What did you get?”
Me – “I got a flu shot. I got a flu shot several times.”

HR - “Welcome to the company. We think ahead and don’t look back here. Just like you.”

Did you get a flu shot today?

Nah… You probably got something else.

Because you don’t know how to think ahead and don’t look back.

Wanna learn why I’m so awesome?

Sign up for my upcoming workshop: “I got a flu shot and hated every moment of it.”

Within 5 Zoom sessions you’ll be able to get anything! Agree?

This is my last post.

I know, I can’t believe I’m saying this.

As I think ahead and don’t look back, it’s time too move on.

The reason?

My boss told me to get a flu shot…
And I actually got it.

Yup, I got a flu shot.

These posts were really fun, but the fact that I just got a flu shot is a real life-changer.

I don’t need you guys anymore.

Note: This is a AI-generated post via Viral Post Generator.

 Because of this post, I will think ahead and won’t look back. Agree?

By Professor Batty


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