Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Obscure Reykjavík #1

Reykjavíkur, 2012
This is the time of year that my thoughts usually stray to Iceland.

It’s the best time to plan a trip in the fall in order to secure the best lodging and to plan ahead for cultural activities. Not this year, however. Barring some unexpected twist of fate, I will sit this one out—the law of diminishing returns has started to make itself apparent. While last year’s trip was memorable, it was only an echo of the previous two trips.

For the rest of the month I’ll just have to make do by revisiting pictures from previous trips, with an emphasis on the odd and unusual. The display workers pictured above (in the Reykjavík city hall—2012) were creating an exhibit honoring the founding of Icelandair, 75 years ago. I shot it through an enormous picture window, definitely click to embiggen.

By Professor Batty


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