Friday, October 22, 2004

Outfit Fit

Oh My! I'm in a perfect state, a tizzy as it were, over the choice of my Halloween Outfit this year (it's only nine days away.) In this recession year (fourth in a row) I have to pinch every penny, yet it just wouldn't be right - living as I do in the Halloween Capital of the World - to short-change the tykes with their trick-or-treat baskets. My normal appearance is enough to frighten the children, but I need to give it just that little "plus" to elevate their imaginations into the trauma zone.

   Let me consider my options:

   Pirate...Not this time, Johnny Depp has raised the bar on this one.
   Bum...Too close to everyday. Not PC. rated R.
   Homer Simpson...Trademarked characters mean $$$ costumes.
   Dubya...Scary enough, but may get confused with Alfred E. Neuman.
   Clown...Too scary.

   Mrs. Batty has the last word on scary, cost-effective costumes:
   “Why don't you just be the crazy naked man?”
   I love Halloween!

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

As Bill Pullman suggested in the movie "Casper" you could always wrap yourself in aluminum foil and go as a leftover! That has to be a great cost-efficient costume, right?

Or, simply purchase one of those, "Hi My Name is..." stickers, and write something obscure, such as "Thor, Mighty Thunder God" or "Zulmagnay, King of the Swami Birds"

Get Creative Professor! :)

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