Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Think. Write. Edit. Post.
That's how I usually proceed with these blog entries. (Although some may question the first item on that list.) Earlier this evening, I wrote a post. It was nothing special, in fact it was a mess. It was all about a cryptic message I received in a fortune cookie the other day:
You see pictures in poems and poems in pictures.

No big revelation here, but I attempted to construct an argument against it. No such luck. I tried the obverse argument (Flippism). Still no go. I sputtered through a couple of paragraphs, thinking it was good enough, and I prepared to run it. I was a bit drowsy- I had previously drunk a WHOLE BOTTLE of beer with supper tonight- and the text was riddled with typos. "I'll just run through spell check," I lazily rationalized.


My IP has some pretty good control of pop-ups, but it must have mistaken the spell-check window for one. When I restarted my browser, the old post was gone. 'Recover post' did nothing. I started to re-write it, and Blogger wouldn't even let me 'Save as Draft". It knew. It prevented me from posting a bad entry. Artificial Intelligence? Or was it the inscrutable wisdom of the east, stepping in to prevent yet another heresy from yours truly?

By Professor Batty


Blogger Comica said...

Once my fortune cookie didn't contain a fortune.

Is that a bad sign or what?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, what a great fortune. I usually get ones about happiness or friendship.

"stop looking ... what you seek is right in front of you."


"There appear to be many clouds;
but they quickly pass."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of photographs, and poetry, and letting go...

we should go see this show together:


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