Friday, January 06, 2006

Visitors Welcome!

Every so often, the vistors to this blog (who are recorded by my site meter) intrigue me. I got my first-ever inquiry from the Faroe Islands yesterday (looking for a car rental in Iceland) and some curious soul from Jamacia was wondering "what is Red Zinger tea good for?" I hope yah be happy with me answer, mon.

The one that really caught my eye, (and make my pulse race a bit) was from the CIA- yep, the intelligence gathering arm of the US government. I thought that this domestic spying thing had really gotten out of control, until I saw the query- "I ain't blue, just a little bit lonely" which is from a "Spider" John Koerner song which was featured in one of FITK's very first posts. Perhaps some mid-level functionary was googling the lyrics to a poignant song that he or she may have heard on the radio. (Bonnie Raitt also recorded it on her first album.) I guess that's ok, even spies can get the blues...

By Professor Batty


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