Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Night And Monday Morning

When a week-end is spent working around the house (and batching it to boot!) Sunday night doesn't seem quite the same. Living on Bulgarian sour cherries, Italian dry salami, and Cherrios; I've had enough of this kind of fun. I'm about ready for "assisted living" in a zero-maintenace condo. But then again, I did get the funkiest part of the house (an under-the-stairs closet) completely redone. Only 8 or 9 more "problem areas" to go and then we'll probably sell (in another 20 years?)

I'm looking forward to work in the morning, a chance to relax a bit, pushing pixels around is easier than operating power tools, I guess. I'll just go to bed and dream of my Icelandic vacation (its looks like it's really going to happen in October).

By Professor Batty


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