Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Halloween Visitor

Halloween brought a friendly spirit to Flippist World Headquarters:
Annie Rhiannon.  Arriving via Amtrak, Annie's charm eclipsed any
ill effects of her all-night train ride. After a hearty breakfast,
we all crashed for a bit. Awakening refreshed, we were ready for an
afternoon spent exploring the wilds of Anoka...

Come nightfall, hordes of trick-or-treaters came to the door,
whom we obliged with pounds of candy (after all, Anoka is the
Halloween Capitol of the World™.) When the kids were finished
it was time to hit the highways, destination: HOLLYWOOD!
Not that Hollywood, but the "Hollywood Sports Complex,"
a roadhouse in the country, 30 miles west of Minneapolis.
When we got there it seemed as if everybody had read Annie's blog...

The band dedicated a song to Annie by that noted "Welsh" singer
Joe Cocker. Annie seemed most pleased to "Keep Her Hat On."

A surprise visit from a celebrity enlivened the band's performance...

By the end of the night everyone was dancing:


By Professor Batty


Blogger Annie A said...

What a great night. "We drove all night to get to the roadhouse...".

You guys were superb hosts. I am now safely drinking wine in a hotel bar in Minneapolis. Thank you so much for everything.

Anonymous mary said...

Lovely pics of the 'visit'!
So glad that my little Annie has such wonderful friends in the States
I enjoy reading your blog.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Annie- thanks again for brightening our day- and thanks for brightening nearly every day, on your blog...

Mary- you did alright with that one...
Thanks for reading FITK!

Blogger EW said...

Hello, croeso. Great blog!

Just wanted to say a big big thank you (or "Diolch yn Fawr" as the Welsh say) for showing Annie a good time during her trip.


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