Thursday, September 02, 2010

Missed Opportunity

Santa Claus Town, Minnesota, 1953

A child's mind will retain things in unequal measure. Multiplication tables and confirmation lessons- not so well. Cheezy roadside attractions- perfectly. Running across these snaps of a short-lived tourist trap which used to exist outside of my town, I was transported to a childhood state of despair, tinged with hope. I kept waiting for my dad to stop at Santa Claus Town. I hoped that someday I'd be allowed into its hallowed confines, a place where all dreams can come true, and it is Christmas every day of the year.

From the looks of Santa's house, I think Halloween was thrown in too, just to insure that it was the mostest, bestest place for kids in the whole wide world.

I missed that opportunity, how have I been able go on living without it?

By Professor Batty


Blogger lab munkay said...

No worries baby. You just have to go farther.

Blogger Some Chilean Woman said...

My eyes went straight to the people and their clothes, then I realized it's not a modern day photo! How awesome!

Blogger heida said...

you know about the santa museum up north, in Akureyri I think? Jólaþorpið or something. Never went, but a must for the Yule-o-phile.

Anonymous Andy said...

Professor, your treasure trove of the past never fail to amaze me!
A couple of months ago I drove down Hwy 10 for the first time in years and lo and behold... Santa's house is still there! I too was shot back in time, but sadly, nothing remains to hint at it's former glory. The neighboring restaurant with the lighthouse; the giant log across the road... missing! All lost in a sea of RV lots and urban blight! Sigh...

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I've actually seen movie film of this place, it was truly mind-boggling. I'll see if I can find it and transfer it to video. Some of the statuary is still in the metro area, I've seen recent pictures of that as well, but I don't know where they were taken. I've added a higher-res version of the photos to the post for your viewing enjoyment.

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