Friday, December 23, 2016

Mondays in Iceland - #99

Special Friday Edition

Dinner at Dill:

The best meal I’ve ever eaten.

Two starters and seven courses.

Seven courses of wine and spirits.

Its founding chef has since moved to New York City, where his latest restaurant is a smashing success.

Now I know what you may be thinking: “Pictures or it didn’t happen.

I don’t often post “foodie” pictures.

While photographs can be beguiling, they are sorely deficient when it comes to aromas and flavors.

In spite of that truth, scroll down for my “meal of a lifetime:”

Amuse bouche: Salted beef tongue served on a rock with burned butter:

Two kinds of home-baked bread, hand-harvested Icelandic sea salt, dill butter:

#1. Smoked mayonnaise, capelin caviar and crispy rye bread:

#2. Warm ísúbi, roasted carrots and walnuts. Hay-baked red beets and honey:

#3. Fennel salad, sweet and sour whey and lightly cooked cod:

#4: Warm potato salad; pickled and fried onions, dill vinaigrette:

#5. Goose breast and leg. Onions in beer. Cauliflower:

#6. Goats milk from Jóhanna in Háafell on a bed of unknown deliciousness:

#7. Blueberries from Þingvellir, spruce. Fried and salted almond ice cream:

My tab was 9.500 Kr. for food and 9.500 Kr for beverages (about $175, no tip.)

The Dill restaurant has now moved to a prime location in central Reykjavík.

The last time I was in Reykjavík, Dill was booked weeks in advance. I ate at the hot dog stand: 500 Kr. for a pylsur and a Coke. Not quite as expensive.

The food at Dill was somewhat better, however.

By Professor Batty


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