Wednesday, March 14, 2018

San Francisco - Part IX

Sea Cruise

I’m not real keen on being stuck on a boat in the open sea, but a half-hour ferry ride in the San Francisco Bay was actually pretty good. It was nice weather for late February; we left the ferry building around 10 and joined the other tourists on the Golden Gate Ferry:

Our destination was Sausalito, kind of a sleepy town in the off-season, lots of boats in the marina, with not many on the water:

A stroll through town (and a stop for lunch) was pleasant, if not exactly memorable, there were hints of what it used to be like before it became a wealthy suburb:

But we did catch a glimpse of the old bohemia in this busker and his singing dog:

On the trip back we got a close-up look at Alcatraz. We didn't opt for a tour, my appetite for historical misery is even less than for boat rides:

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By Professor Batty


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