Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Adventures in the Green Van — IV

The Beautiful Woman
The owner of the green van was in the habit of taking extended trips on the Iberian peninsula.

In the winter of ’76 he had me take care of the van while he was away on one such sojourn. It was also at this time when, in rural Dalbo, Minnesota, a musician of my acquaintance invited me up to spend a weekend with him and his wife. I was single at the time, so I was very pleased when his wife’s sister (also single) and her friends came up. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. All of us went outside and shoveled the snow off the pond and had a little skating party. It was glorious. After dinner the beautiful woman and her friends went back to the cities. I stayed on.

My friend had a new multi-track tape recorder and was looking for some technical advice. After a few hours of nerding out on recording techniques his wife left us and went to bed. A bottle of Southern Comfort appeared. I’m usually not much on spirits but on this particular night I did succumb to its treacly temptation. We stayed up late talking until the booze was gone, and then talked some more. The next day some of our friends came up and we did some more socializing. I drove home that night, alone. It was not to be my final adventure in the green van At the time I didn’t know it, and maybe my friend didn’t either, but this weekend was sort of an audition; within a year I’d be working with him and his band.

I never saw the beautiful girl again, although years later I did find her demurely hiding in the corner of a picture I had shot months before I met her.

By Professor Batty


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