Tuesday, April 20, 2004

The Explodo Boys…

… were a musical group that the Professor worked with (and recorded) nearly a half-century ago. Here are some music videos, CDs, LPs and stories of this great Minneapolis band:

Explodo Boys “Videos”:

Twine Time
Get Your Hat
I Want to Take You Home
Bluff City Cookin'
Pass the Peas
Midnight Mover
Hidden Charms
Darling, Darling, Darling
She’s So Good
Crazy Mama
Sure Feels Good
Can I Change My Mind?
You Got All The Aces
I'm Ready
Tramp on the Street
Ain’t Nothing You Can Do
I'm Ready
Happy Song

Oh So Soul “Videos”:

Waiting at the Station
Saturday Night Fish Fry
The Babywalk

Commercially Released CDs:

The Early Years 1975-1976 (remastered from vinyl LP)
The Later Years 1977 - 1980 (remastered from vinyl LP)

History of The Explodo Boys CD series:

I      Country: Country and folk songs 1974- 1975
II     Covers: Rock and blues tunes 1975-1976
IIb   Harold’s Blues: Recorded rehearsal 1977
III   The Explosion Brothers: Highlights 1977-1978
IV   Doobah: Highlights 1978-1979
V    No Turkeys: Highlights 1979-1980
VII  John Beach with The Explodo Boys: 1979-1980
VI   Oh So Soul: Jimmy’s farewell, 1980
VIII Lost and Found: Rarities 1978-1979
IX   Improvisations: Instrumentals 1978-1979
X   Odds and Ends: 1978-1979

Gig tapes:

Tracy’s Inn - 1975: Raucous roadhouse gig (2 CDs)
Tempo Bar - 1976: Excerpts from a typical gig
Bootlegger Sam’s - 1977: w/ Max and Audie
Reunion - 1982 (2 CDs): Danny’s return from Alaska

Jimmy Derbis:

Solo 1971
Demos 1987

For specific information on The Explodo Boys or obtaining these CDs email: stephencowdery@gmail.com

The vinyl LPs are sold out but can sometimes be found at Discogs or eBay.

True stories (mostly):

Memorial Day
The Listening Room
Half-True Story
The Explodo Girls
Adventures With the Green Van

Other Mentions:

Dogpatch: Sound of True North Podcast (31:00)

By Professor Batty


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