Friday, February 08, 2013


... Carroll, 33, worked at Applied Diffusion Research, a Seattle based data processing firm.  Coroner Anderson gave this statement:
"After comparing dental records from multiple sources, it was conclusively shown that the body was not that of Mr. Carroll. We are in the process of confirming the actual identity of the body, we have received information pointing to a person of interest, but are withholding the name pending additional confirmation."
   Mrs. Robinson looked away from her laptop to the large monitor connected to the network which was conducting the analysis of Billy Clarkson's 'evidence'. A column of names was scrolling on the screen, the most linked name was the Senator's, followed by one she didn't recognize: Roger Bannock Ramsen. A quick search revealed that he sat on the boards of several corporations that held defense contracts, he was wealthy from old tobacco money,  was considered a top D.C insider and was a ruthless behind-the-scenes man who had a knack for always getting what he wanted.  72 years old, a widower,  with a daughter, Nora, 40. Nora Ramsen Clarkson was the second wife of Senator Clarkson. Roger Ramsen was linked romantically with a certain Sally O'Donnell, 47, the divorced wife of one of his business rivals.

   Mrs. Robinson let this new information sink in.  It was obvious that she would be dealing with some heavy hitters.  She initiated an extensive search on Sally O'Donnell.  While it was running she returned to the list.  Numerous Russian names, mostly arms dealers, some with Syrian and Iranian connections.  Afghan drug merchants, African warlords.  Billy had done his homework well. After a few minutes the search on Sally came up.  Images from society galas (some with her on the arm of Roger Ramsen), news clippings, and even a Twitter feed.  Mrs. Robinson was fairly certain that the Twitter account was from some other Sally, but she clicked on it anyway.  The profile image was of the same Sally.  She scrolled back to late April.  Most of the tweets were about social affairs, books read and movies seen, but the one from May 1st commanded attention:

SallyOD@SallyODonnell:Leaving Seattle for a week with the Elves and Trolls in magical Iceland: 

   She had been on Sean's flight!


By Professor Batty