Sunday, April 18, 2004

Arnaldur Indriðason

FITK reviews of novels by the noted Icelandic mystery/thriller writer:

In English publication order:

Jar City (aka Tainted Blood) (2004)
Silence of the Grave (2005)
Arctic Chill (2005)
Voices (2006)
The Draining Lake (2007)
Hypothermia (2009)
Operation Napoleon (2010)
Outrage (2011)
Black Skies (2012)
Strange Shores (2013)
Reykjavík Nights (2014)
Into Oblivion (2015)
The Shadow District (2016)
The Shadow Killer (2018)

A guide to the Inspector Erlendur Series in continutity order here.

By Professor Batty


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